An intewview with ex-guitarist of Christian Death, made by internet. Click here to find out more about Cryscendo!


Betrayal: How did you get to CD?

Cryscendo: Well, the bassplayer from my own band at the time, already knew Valor for a while, and they spended some contact throughout the years. And at that time, Valor was in Holland and looking for a guitarist to join for their upcoming tours. And since he asked our bassplayer,
the first guitar player that came to his mind was me (since i was already in the same band). After some phonecalls between Valor and me, it became clear for me that this could be a big opportunity for me, so Valor came by, watched me play, shook hands and we had ourselves a deal.

Betrayal: Did you know the band, maybe you had been their fan, before you started
to play with them?

Cryscendo: To be!..I had heard of their name, ofcourse but before i came into this Gothscene, i actually for years was hooked up to the Deathmetal scene.

Betrayal: How did you recall times spent with the CD?

Cryscendo: Well, the overall touring and the whole haze that comes with it, i wouldn`t had want to miss that for the world. But ofcourse everything has also a down side to goes for all. There were good times and bad times...but obviously, when you take 10 people who don`t know eachother, and put them in a bus for 24-7 and for a month...good AND bad things are bound to happen.

Betrayal: What was the co-operation with Valor like?

Cryscendo: To be totally honest..he can be like a Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde...
Does that answer your question?

Betrayal: Do you remember how Valor reacted to Rozz's death?

Cryscendo: That is not for me to say and very difficult to monitor. Everybody deals with a loss in a different way. What i at least know is that on our `99 tour we did every evening a "ode to Rozz". (By playing 3 songs that Valor always did with Rozz). And i noticed many times that it struck Valor. He also told me one time that he was really angry that a lot of people just let Rozz down. And stopped being there for him.

Betrayal: Why did you stop playing with CD?

Cryscendo: That was in Septembre of `99.. Maitri called me if i was gonna join them again for a 6 week tour through the US. And as much as i would have liked to go, i couldn`t at the time..i was busy with too much things at that time..and i also already had to leave my Love earlier that year for a tour and i didn`t want to leave her again...i`m not good in those things. I just would miss her to much!......yes..i`m a romantic one (grin).

Betrayal: What is your relation to CD now?

Cryscendo: I don`t have contact with them at the moment, if that`s what you mean. And how i look to Christian Death now is that i`m really thankful for the chance that they`d given me. And after all the touring i only got more involved in this scene and left the Deathmetalscene behind me. also expanded my musical taste, in a way. I also started to like CD`s music a lot! Although i have to admitt that i like the works of Rozz more than Valor`s.

Betrayal: If Valor proposed you to play with CD (now), would you agree?

That would depend on my own private situation at that time...but at this moment, no, i am busy with already another project with a well-known vocalist and working at my own music. And i seem to have already to less time for that.

Betrayal: Write something about your present project, please.

Cryscendo: Well, my own music will go under the name Cryscendo. What i`m doing with that is i write my own songs/lyrics and play all the instruments and record it. Sounds simple, but it`s a painstaking process, especially when you consider that i also have to work my way through a huge pile of 4 track tapes which contains most of the "still to work out" songs and melody`s from the last 5 !! years. And i also bought just shortly a brand new recordingunit, which i still have to explore.
The other project i`m doing is something which is more of a secret , still. This is no joke! But the thing is that all the artwork, promotion and all that stuff is not finished yet..and the recordcompany behind it is requesting us to not mention it yet until it`s there....but by the end of January the CD will come out, and then you`ll be the 1st to know. (smiles)

Betrayal: When will your album be released?

Cryscendo: The project`s cd will see daylight by the end of January, as i already
mentioned, and for my own this time>>>>>> No idea!!

Betrayal: Than you for time and effort.

Cryscendo: No problem, your welcome...


Thanx to Lilith for help!