"All the Hate" 
"All the Love" 
"Best of Christian Death ft. Rozz Williams" 
"The  Bible" 
"Born Again anti Christian" 
"Catastrophe Ballet" 
"Death Mix" 
"Death in Detroit" 
"Death Wish" 
"Decomposition of Violets: Live in Hollywood" 
"The Dolls Theater" 
"Heretics Alive" 
"Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordia Que" 
"Invocations: 1981-1989"
"The Iron Mask"
"Jesus Points the Bones at You?" 
"Jesus Christ Proudly Presents" 
"Only Theater of Pain" 
"Path of Sorrows" 
"Pornographic Messiah" 
"Rage of Angels"
"The Scriptures" 
"Skeleton Kiss" 
"Sex Drugs and Jesus Christ" 
"Sexy Death God" 
"Sleepless Nights - Live 1990" 
"The Wind Kissed Pictures"

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