I could write a book on this short interview... Probably there would come out some detective drama out of it... ;-)

As I have written in my review ("Danzig Waltz?") the interview was to take place in comfortable conditions. I was supposed to be given 15-20 minutes for a conversation with the band. However, the circumstances (band's being late, technical problems and the unfortunate quarrel) allowed for a very short and nervy talk... And so out of about twelve, connected with one another, questions I managed to ask only four, tritely answered by nervous Valor.

I hope I will manage to carry on with the full interview through Internet.

But let's get down to work.

- From interviews, articles which you gave I come to a conclusion, that you're not a typical rock-star and you really care about your fans. What brings you to behave like a rock-psychologist?

Valor: Psychologist… Well I guess it's just because I like to think. I use my brain… I don't know, I'm not really psychologist. My sister is psychologist. (smile)

- We and many polish fans would like to know something about Christian Death Society and Christian Death Militia…

Valor: The Christian Death Society is about people who are concern about their future. The Christian Death Militia are people who are a little bit more serious, because they wanted to try do something about it.

- What was an inspiration to your last album?

Valor: The "Born Again anti Christian" is because Born Again Christians are very powerful in America and they change the political climate of the world. Especially in America. And it makes me angry… I hate them… 

(…quiet… I wanted to ask next question, but Valor had something to add…)


Valor: They're bastards…



Valor: Cunts!



Valor: Shit-heads!

- Christian Death is known as a "gothic band" so why was your last tour with Cradle of Filth? Where did you get the conception to record with Dani?

Valor: Because they're fans of ours. They like as, so I like them…

I did not know how long we could continue talking, so not to prolong "the interview", Ola gave Valor a gift. Unfortunately, I cannot show you what it was because Ola, the author, asked me not to publish this work in Internet. I can only lift the veil of secrecy and tell you it was a drawing inspired by the "Prophecies" album (our favourite!!!). I can share a short comment on it by Valor. 

Valor: Wow! It's Poland in 1943, it's Poland in 1999. It's the world and all the hate and all the evil; and it's gonna hang on my living-room wall. I am very honest!

Later he said something more about that, but that was a private conversation.

I guess that is all what can be said of that meeting...



Ps. Thanx to Radek (for translation).